R & D

TIMEX Water and Wastewater Analysis Laboratory Continues To Use The State-Of-The-Art Technology

With its renewed in-house Water & Wastewater Laboratory, TIMEX continues to perform a large number of parameter analysis using the most advanced technologies and cutting-edge high-sensitivity devices;

09 October 2020

NH 3 , NH 4 + , As, BOD, B, Cd, Ca, Cl, Cl - , Cr, COD, Conductivity, Color, Cu, CN - , Dissolved Oxygen, Fe +2 , F - , Hardness, Pb +2 , Mn, Mg, Hg, Ni, NO 3 - , NO 2 - , N, O 3 , ORP, Ph, P, Salinity, Se, Na, SO 4 - , TSS, TDS, Turbidity and more…

Also thanks to the equipment and pilot units used in TIMEX Water & Wastewater Analysis Laboratory; jar tests, media filter tests, screen micron size tests are carried out with the highest level of sensitivity by experienced engineers aiming for developing the right product and designing the optimal process…