Worldwide brand in filtration and water systems

TIMEX Filtration & Water Systems achieved to be one of the world’s leading companies in the sector since 1988 by its professional service concept. TIMEX has the capability of offering different kind of solutions for filtration of different types of waters and different types of applications, with its R&D Center studies. TIMEX is also proud of enrolling its name to variety of different projects, such as Potable Water & Wastewater Treatment Systems submitted by different municipalities around Turkey, Cooling Water Systems, Deep Well Water, Process

Water, Industrial Plant Wastewater, Zero Discharge Recycling Processes, Irrigation Water and Injection water. With its new facility that has 10.000 m² of manufacturing area and latest technologies, TIMEX is fulfilling all of the processes in-house by its expert, educated in their field staff. With having ASME “U” Stamp Certificate, TIMEX has special engineering solutions. TIMEX achieved to be a reliable & a preferred company with its successfully completed projects for Irrigation, Aquaculture, Oil and Gas,Municipal and Industrial applications.


Establishment of the Company

Our company was established in 1988, as the first national filter manufacturer in Ankara, Turkey.

Filter manufacturing has started

TIMEX, started as a small manufacturing facility, has made its name in the sector in a short time.

Industrial filtration systems manufacturing has started

TIMEX has rapidly increased its manufacturing capabilities since its establishment and expanded its product range day by day a to provide a better service for its customers.

First export to Europe

Always considering the quality standards at maximum level, our company started exporting to Europe in 1998 and continued its way as a global brand.

Moving to manufacturing facility of 1000 m² area

TIMEX moved to its new manufacturing facility to increase its export volume and to reach global quality standards in 2000.

Manufacturing of turn-key water filtration and treatment systems.

TIMEX has started to offer tailor made solutions according to specific requirements of customer for turn-key water filtration and treatment systems.

Certification by Asme and has become the owner of “Asme U Stamp ” certification.

TIMEX, once again underlined its quality with acheiving “ASME U Stamp” certification, and has been able to manufacture with this certificate since 2007.

Moving to a factory of 3000² manufacturing area

TIMEX increased its production volume, thanks to its continuously expanding product range and export network, moved its productionto its new production facility in 2011.

Reaching export quantity of more than 52 countries

Our company keeps expanding its export network and serves all over the world.

New production facility, R & D Center title and 76% export

TIMEX increased its production capacity with its developing export network. The facility has 10.000 m² of manufacturing area and 3000 m² of office area, equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and is designed to be environmental friendly.
Developing all filtration technologies in its own R & D center, our company has obtained the title of R & D Center approved by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.
TIMEX, which grows rapidly and develops day by day, has succeeded to be one of the leading brands in filtration sector around the world. Our company, which exports 76% of its production, has continued its production without sacrificing quality standards since its establishment.


While manufacturing and developing filtration systems, TIMEX doesn’t compromise from its brand character.


With having high environmental awareness, TIMEX protects the environment for the future generations. To spread out this awareness to as many people as possible, TIMEX differentiate itself by fulfilling many social responsibility projects.


TIMEX has become the precursor in the sector by being a Transparent and Reliable Company. By putting mutual trust into an important position in its Company Culture, TIMEX also carries out relationship with its customers based on this mutual trust.


While following all the latest technological developments closely, TIMEX integrates these technologies to its manufacturing processes. By being open to innovation all the time, TIMEX has the ability to adapt itself for all developments, easily and rapidly.


TIMEX by being the Turkey’s first local filter manufacturer, has passed 31 years of experience in the sector. Likewise, TIMEX crowning these years, with its staff that is experienced in their field.


TIMEX, always presented their special and flawless products to their customers with benefit-orientation in mind. By having maximum efficiency with minimum costs, TIMEX is working with great devotion for protecting the environment and preventing water sources to be depleted.


TIMEX, conducting its project and manufacturing processes according to being self-consciously responsible to its customers, to society, to future generations and to the environment.


TIMEX, besides being as responsible to environment, is also getting attention by its humanist approach. Particularly to the staff working for them, by valuing people TIMEX always has been a pioneer with this culture.


TIMEX established all of its manufacturing processes based on being sustainable. With resources that has been used senselessly and depleting rapidly, TIMEX aims to carry out social responsibility projects in order to protect endangered environment.


As TIMEX, we have always maintained our quality standards as we started with the principle of “superior quality and success” to this way.

TIMEX aims to carry out its business in accordance with the international quality standards, current legislation, agreements and specifications, by fully perceiving the existing and changing needs of customers, in a timely manner, without compromising manufacturing quality, environmentally sensitive, by considering occupational health and safety conditions, in a profitable manner and with unconditional customer satisfaction.

The main purpose of the management system is to identify the possible hazards under the laws and regulations related to the environment, occupational health and safety, to prevent the danger at the source by performing the necessary risk analyses and to minimize the situations that may endanger the environment, life and property, to prevent pollution and to provide continuous improvement of occupational health and safety management systems with the full participation of employees.

Developing business partnership with the customers and suppliers and sustaining these business partnerships in the long-term period are our main objectives of our existence.

To achieve this goal, TIMEX management members follow ideas mentioned as below;

Planning and supplying the training needs to raise awareness of its employees in order to make improvements in Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety issues,
Following the technological innovations, establishment of the technological systems for the appropriate working environment within the project activity areas,
Ensuring the selection of high qualified materials and equipment which are suitable for human and environmental health,
Keeping natural resource usage at optimum level in all kinds of activities and supporting recycling,
It is committed to the review of these policies by the top management.

TIMEX employees achieve superior and continuous success with the team spirit and trust in each other, love and respect under the guide of unity.

Creating a healthy, safe and environmentally sensitive working culture and ensuring its continuity are the desire and responsibility of all employees, especially of the managers.

With the continuous improvement and innovation approach, “superior quality and success” are one of the basic principles of TIMEX.


TIMEX is officially registered as R&D Centre from the beginning of July, 2019 and carries on its works with the latest technology within the R&D Centre.

TIMEX provides economic and effective solutions which are in line with the main purpose of protecting the water and environment. Customer satisfaction is ensured by the products which are manufactured by using the latest technologies in the world standards.

R&D is one of the most important matters for TIMEX to achieve the explained goals above. Therefore, 20% of total staff have been assigned in R&D on a full-time basis.

Our short, medium- and long-term R&D strategies are listed as following;

  • Optimizing the products to achieve the best possible user experience,
  • Increasing our sectoral share in the international market by announcing domestic products with contributing the development of existing filtration systems and new targeted products,
  • To realize the integration of the new technologies into production processes and manufactured products accordingly,
  • To realize and develop competitive, value added projects,
  • Sustaining the monitoring of both current technologies and innovations,
  • To ensure the establishment of design culture and the idea of continuous development,
  • To meet the needs and expectations of consumers in a timely manner,


We work with the passionate professionals who can adapt to the TIMEX culture



Sales Engineer
We are seeking an experienced Sales Engineer to join our expanding team! Our ideal candidate must be passionate about delivering an exceptional employee experience while fulfilling the Sales department’s responsibilities for its customers, and business partners.

• Identify business opportunities through prospects and researching and analyzing sales options.
• Active support of Key Account Managers in all customer-related matters.
• Process customer orders and inquiries and capture customer complaints.
• Treat and coordinate all types of customer requests.
• Create price calculations, price lists, etc.
• Prepare sales presentations for internal and customer meetings.
• Use our master data in the TIMEX ERP system.
• Contact with the companies and direct communication with customers.
• Prepare reports by collecting, analyzing, and summarizing information.
• Maintain quality service by establishing and enforcing organizational standards.
• Communicate with customers on a regular basis to discuss business issues and maintain good relations with the customer.

• Completed Bachelor’s Degree with a focus on Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, etc.
• Minimum 3-5 years sales experience, preferably in Water Treatment Industry, Filtration Systems, Pressurized Equipment, or similar.
• Fluent in English.
• Affinity to work with figures, business analytics.
• Enthusiasm for a demanding industrial product and technical understanding.
• Highly self-motivated, self-driven, and willing to learn.
• Excellent communication and organizational skills.
• Ability to build strong professional relationships.
• Ability to manage challenging tasks with a high degree of self-responsibility.

Our human resources policy consists of following subjects; attract and employ qualified manpower in accordance with our strategies, targets and needs of our company, to gain high efficiency from creativities and competencies of our employees, to increase the motivation and performance of our employees with human resources tools and finally creating an environment, allowing them to improve themselves is our human resources policy.

While carrying out this policy, we aim to improve employee satisfaction and firm loyalty by means of human resources tools such as; salaries, career development, education, performance assessment systems and social activities.


We are struggling with the climate change which is the biggest problem of our planet!

Scientists states that, with knowledge and education, climate change can be prevented. As TIMEX, for struggling with climate change, we are continuing our battle with our well-equipped facility and personnel with proper knowledge.

We can’t overlook the danger of desertification, depletion of water sources and drought in our planet!

We are working for the future generations, by managing our water resources, by treating wastewater and re-using them. Furthermore, we are protecting the environment by treating wastewater of Industrial Plants, Cities and Facilities by all means.

You can contribute to our struggle with drought by starting to take little steps.

Turn of the tap while brushing your teeth and shaving your beard! Since the water consumed while brushing your teeth and shaving your beard is approximately 12 tons per year for one person.

“Raising today's child as tomorrow's adult, is all of ours duty for humanity.”


We started by educating our children, for a sustainable future. By the education sessions we gave, as TIMEX to children, many children has given hope to our planet for being aware about water consumption. Now, TIMEX has started to work for giving education to children in schools about unnecessary water consumption.


We strive to leave a more livable world to future generations

Livable WorldGreener and cleaner environment

Another task of our R & D center is to improve the activities that will reduce our carbon footprint and minimize resource consumption simultaneously with commercial activities.
Although innovation is our priority, we do not want nature to remain as a postcard for the future generations.

Energy-savingMaximum energy saving

Our investment in the Solar Power Plant, that will meet our energy needs during Manufacturing, will start in 2020.

Saving on WaterRain water collection and treatment

We obtain the water we need during manufacturing and garden irrigation from rain water that we store by filtering.