The climate crisis that has become a significant threat today; It causes problems that threaten the future, such as loss of biodiversity, rapid consumption of resources.

18 January 2022

It is among our responsibilities to put a livable world to future generations. Therefore, it is seen that priority should be given to sustainability activities and social and environmental dimensions should be examined as well as financial approach. Therefore, instead of a short-term and profit-oriented approach, companies should adopt a corporate sustainability approach in the long-term, in which all factors related to economic, environmental, social and corporate governance are evaluated as a whole.

A company that adopts a corporate sustainability approach should also conduct environmentally sensitive studies in addition to basic principles such as transparency and fairness. For example, using technologies that do not pollute the nature during production can reinforce its principles and take responsibility for the future by increasing energy efficiency in production and operation processes and by developing innovative products that respect the nature.

The amount of greenhouse gas produced as a result of human activities in the carbon footprint negatively affects environmental health. Human activities that cause carbon footprints include domestic energy consumption and emissions from motor vehicles used for transportation. In addition to these, CO2 emissions from the production stage of industrial products to their release to the nature as waste also cause an increase in the carbon footprint.

In the R&D Center that was established within TIMEX and has been operating officially since 2019, we also think about future generations and perform studies for a clean environment. Among these works, we are developing projects that will reduce our carbon footprint and minimize resource consumption.