Mechanical Bar Screen

TIMEX Mechanical Bar Screens are optimally suitable for pumping stations, as a first cleaning stage/unit in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants and also at the inlet of the power plants. It removes coarse and bulky material by reverse scanning-cleaning mechanism.


Filtration degree down to 1 cm

Up to 4000 mm screen width, 20 m discharged height and 80° installation angle

Combination of a front and back cleaned screen in a single unit

Adjustable Optimized Rinsing System with means of both Water Level Difference and Timer to save water

Low power consumption, hence suitable for working with solar energy

Available in SS304 Stainless Steel, SS316L Stainless Steel, Super Duplex Stainless Steel or SMO254

No additional consumables required, such as service water except electric current

Available with ATEX certificate requirements


Municipal Applications

Irrigation Filtration

Aquaculture Solutions


  • Cooling and Process Water Filtration
    • Automotive Industry
    • Chemical Industry
    • Electronic Industry
    • Mining Industry
    • Petrochemical
    • Pharma & Cosmetic
    • Plastic Industry
    • Pulp & Paper
    • Steel Industry
    • Textile Industry
    • Food & Bevereage
    • High Rise Buildings
  • Refineries
    • Process and Cooling Water Filtration
    • Auxiliary Facilities
  • Power Plants
    • HEPP- Hydro Electrycity Power Plant,
    • CCPP- Combined Cycle Power Plant
    • TPP- Thermal Power Plant
    • NPP- Nucleer Power Plant
    • GPP- Geothermal Power Plant
  • Surface Water Filtration ( River, Lake, Open Channel …)
  • Deselination Plants
    • Sea Water Intake
    • Pre Filtration for Ultrafiltration, Nano Filtration and Reverse Osmosis
  • Fish Process & Handling
    • Sea & Fresh Water Intake/Dischrage
  • Agricuture Aplications
    • Water Intakes
    • Pump Stations
  • Water Treatment Plants
    • Turbidity Remoal
    • Arsenic, Iron, Manganese and Nitrat Removal
  • Waste Water Plants
    • Water Intake
    • Effluent Water Filtration
    • Recycling Water Filtration
    • Zero Discharge