The human-induced factors that cause the climate crisis require a constant search about a solution for livable future.

28 October 2021

The human activities increasing day by day and serving to the consumer society, this situation are pushing companies to generate for innovative applications that are suitable for recyclable and reuse. At this point, the circular economy plays an important role on the road that is related to the result.

The circular economy or circularity is a system that purposes at the continuous and reuse of limited resources. It purposes to prevent waste by recycling, renewing and reusing. Global warming and the impact of human activities on the environment have generated a need for a circular economy in order to prevent water scarcity . At this point, the role of the circular economy will be to remove excess phosphorus and nitrogen from wastewater that is the result of domestic and industrial applications.

In addition, the reuse of water is also important in preventing water waste. In industrial and domestic activities, we encounter various filtration applications such as ambient filtration, which adopt the discharge logic. The circular economy is indispensable both for saving costs and for environmentally friendly production.