History of Water Filtration

Water has played a major role in identifying vital habitats from the moment human history exists. Ancient civilizations preferred to live on the water’s edge to provide livelihoods and nutrition. If we look at the current situation in the world today, it is possible to say that we will face serious water problems in the future. It is foreseen that there will be large migrations to the regions where water resources are present due to the possible thirst and drought.

18 October 2019

Although water treatment systems, one of the most effective methods of struggling thirst and drought, seem to be a new technology, the treatment of water goes back to 2000 BC. Purification of water, which emerged with the search for clean water by the societies in history, was used in the Egyptian civilizations to reduce the turbidity and smell of water.

Humanity started its water purification adventure by using the seeds of moringa tree and continued by separating the solids from the water by passing the sand and pebbles. Although these processes made the water look clearer, it did not provide chemical cleaning. Mankind, who could not get the results he hoped from these processes, tried to purify by boiling the water. However, boiling water for a long time caused the release of other gases in the water, increased the odor.

In Rome, aqueducts were built in 300 - 200 BC to meet the water requirements and Archimedes invented the water screw to carry water to higher points. The water screw, which forms the basis of today's purification technology, is used as a pump in modern industrial devices.

As a result of many unsuccessful attempts, water treatment has been continued for many years with primitive methods. In 1804, the first municipal water treatment plant was established in Scotland and in 1850 sea water treatment was started in the world.

Water treatment methods and technology, which emerged with the need for clean drinking water of humanity, are not only used for clean drinking water, but also for the reintroduction of the water used.

The future of water, which is a consumable resource, is in great danger and that forces societies to purify and reuse the water. In particular, the release of water used in industrial and domestic areas to the environment without purification causes pollution of clean water and risks the future of our planet.

Our company, which has been contributing to the treatment of water since 1980, closely follows the developing technology and produces new technologies by taking inspiration from the methods used in the past.