With the Cooperation of DSI (The State Hydraulic Works) and TIMEX, The Soil has met the Water in Konya Lowland

We are honored and proud to be the solution partner of DSI (The State Hydraulic Works) in the KOS-1-2-3 irrigation project at the 3rd phase of the Konya-Çumra Project within the scope of Konya Lowland Project (KOP).

06 July 2020

Konya Lowland Project (KOP), which is the second largest integrated irrigation project of our country after the Southeastern Anatolia Project. 72,650 Decare of KOS-1-2-3 project was put into service within the scope of Konya Lowland Irrigation Project. This project which was put into operation on 3 July 2020 with the participation of our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The soil has met the water.

Since the feasibility studies of the project, TIMEX has designed all electromechanical and hydraulic calculations of the filtration system. The application of the system has been undertaken by TIMEX.


TIMEX Drum Filters, which provide the maximum level of water transfer without loss of pressure in the irrigation network, work required to provide irrigation services to the agricultural lands located in Konya Lowland, has provided 200 micron precision filtration. In the project prepared and implemented by a team of experts and experienced engineers in the field of TIMEX, 12.5 m3 /s of water met with the end user.


Since its establishment until today, Timex presents quality products and services, as well as Timex supports production, nature and the sustainable living and also like this project that will contribute to Turkey's economy and will support agricultural production, has drawn once more its gold values by ​​taking part in this project.


In past years, Timex and DSI (The State Hydraulic Works) have made the partnership, Timex will contribute to the future Turkey's economy, to increase production, honor to take part in each project that will benefit the our country's citizens. Timex will be proud of it.

We will determinedly continue to work, produce and share our achievements with you in order to bring the power of water to the nation.