Wastewater Threatens the Future

A cleaner future is possible …
Wastewater everywhere. As a by-product of modern consumer society, the rapidly increasing waste water problem poses a major threat to our planet. From the water used in industrial production to the water used in the shower, all water resources taken and consumed are returned as wastewater.

08 November 2019

Wastewater, which is a big problem for the future, will be the main source of the water problem if permanent solutions are not implemented.

Wastewater, that is left untreated to nature after use, can leak into fresh and salty water sources. This not only creates a danger for living beings living water, but the danger can come to our houses.

In a part of the world, scarcity of clean water has become a serious problem today. This means that clean water is very important. If wastewater is released to the nature in areas where there is a shortage of clean water or where it is expected, it causes leakage to groundwater resources. Groundwater sources, where wastewater seeps, are no longer available for future generations.

Wastewater is also a threat to natural ecosystems. The surface and groundwater, which is always in contact, damages not only underwater or coastal ecosystems, but all ecosystems fed by polluted water resources.

Treatment of waste water is of great importance for our planet and all living things on it. A cleaner future is possible.