Drinking and Using Water Project with 100% Efficiency at Ankara ASO

Drinking and Using Water Project of Ankara ASO 2nd and 3rd Organized Industrial Zone is provided by TIMEX.

13 July 2020

"Input Capacity" is 125 m³ / h of the project, "Product Water Capacity" is 105 m³ / h of the project.

Raw water located in the store is delivered to the system by means of pressurizing pump and then sequentially ; this water is passed through Nitrate Removal Filters, Arsenic Removal Filters and Activated Carbon Filters. After this stage, 45 m³ / h of this water is sent to the resin softening system , and 80 m³ / h of this water is sent to the Reverse Osmosis System. The water that comes out of these units are merged and delivered to the pure water tank as drinking / utilization water. After this stage, It is sent to the factories in Ankara ASO-2 and ASO-3 Organized Industrial Zone as drinking and potable water.

Always good quality, offering highly efficient and environmentally friendly solutions of TIMEX has been providing 100% efficiency and customer satisfaction in this project.