One of the most important ecological problems of 2020 is “Zebra Mussel”

Rapidly spreading zebra mussels cause serious economic and ecological problems all over the world.

03 April 2020

Zebra mussels that migrate through ships are one of the most important conservative and polluting creatures living in freshwater ecosystems.

This mussel species, which takes its name from the light and dark zebra pattern on it, can live for about 5 years and can grow from 5 mm to 50 mm.

Zebra mussels, which cause water clogs and blockages in their attachments, cause serious problems, especially in closed irrigation systems.

The nutrients of such fish, which reproduce rapidly, consume plankton and cause disruption of the natural balance.

Zebra mussels spread through currents and ships and reproduce by leaving about 1 million eggs in a season at 12 degrees water temperature.


This species, which first appeared in the Tetis Sea 11 million years ago, started to spread in fresh waters in the early 1700s.

Various methods of struggle have been developed with zebra mussels that spread very quickly and cause serious problems. To prevent the spread of this species, which is among the most important ecological problems of 2020, TIMEX produces solutions by using its technology and engineering skills.