R & D

TIMEX in 2019 R & D Ranking!

In 2019 R & D 250 Survey, TIMEX achieved the ranking of 405 in Turkey’s R&D Centers, with its performance of only from August 2019 to January 2020. TIMEX targets to be in the first 200 in 2020.

27 October 2020

Leader in Its Sector
TIMEX, which got its name in the R&D 250 Research Report which was shared with the press and the public on October 19, 2020, has succeeded in becoming one of the leading producers in the water filtration and treatment sector in the world thanks to its professional service understanding and R&D projects it has signed under the leadership of Osman Sandıkçıoğlu. Since 1988, TIMEX has the capacity to create alternatives to different applications with the solutions it offers thanks to its R&D infrastructure.

Latest Technology in Production
TIMEX produces 100% TIMEX quality signed technologies with the latest technology and expert staff in its 10 thousand square meter production facility. TIMEX has certified its quality with the ASME U Stamp Certificate for more than 15 years.

Success in a Shoort Time
TIMEX, which successfully took its place in the R & D Second 250 ranking in as little as five months from August 2019 to January 2020, but thanks to its years of experience and expert staff, aims to be in the R & D top 250 next year.