Our Mission is To Protect Nature

As a company, TIMEX is manufacturing filtration products which help cleaning the world water and also protecting the water from being polluted. In TIMEX we don’t see filtering only as a job, but as a mission to protect nature. With more than 50,000 TIMEX products all over the world, millions of tons of water is being filtered every hour as of today.

30 June 2019

As February 2019, we moved to our new factory. While building the factory the main focus was not only for manufacturing, but environmental friendly manufacturing.

With this new building, following our environmental focused mission, the first decision taken was all incandescent light bulbs to be replaced with recyclable led bulbs. With this renovation instead of using 134,5 kw/h of energy, 20.3 Kw/h of energy consumption is provided. This way the values below for protecting the environment is achieved.

Power consumption (W) - 114.100 W saving
Reduction in carbon footprint (tons)/year - 5.5

Also while planning the new building, a rainwater recycling system was planned and applied for the facility. This way we are able to collect rain water to our 120 ton capacity tank, use it for our plant, and release it back to the environment after filtering it from any hazardous materials.

Finally the ceiling of the factory is designed to implement a solar energy farm of 1MW, this way 576 tons of Carbon emissions per year will be saved from releasing to the nature.