An Exemplary Production Facility In The World

TIMEX Filtration and Water Systems is challenging its sector with its new production facility with a closed area of 10 thousand m². TIMEX, taking rapid steps towards becoming the best in the world in its own sector, uses the latest technology in its new production facility, which started its operations in February 2019.

14 June 2019

TIMEX, which is one step closer to the title of the biggest and highest technology filtration company with its new production facility, has increased its production volume to 4,500 units per year.

More than 100 personnel are employed in the new production facility, which has 2 vertical machining centers, plasma cutting, welding, hydrostatic testing, sandblasting, painting, warehouse, shipment and quality control areas. In the new production facility, where employment rate was increased by 66%, social areas such as billiards, table tennis, hiking and parking areas were also included, considering the motivation of the employees.

One of the most important features of the new production facility is that it is extremely environmentally friendly and designed on a sustainability strategy. Minimum water consumption is ensured by rainwater collection and treatment. In addition, by utilizing glass ceilings at the factory roof with maximum utilization of daylight and by using led bulbs, electricity consumption is also saved.

The new production facility has many advantages such as wide area, latest technology, recreation areas for employees, R & D center, water and energy saving and with ASME U Stamp, ISO9001-2015, OHSAS 18001, ISO14001-2015 certifications.

Transparency was brought to the forefront with the office sections consisting entirely of glass in the architecture of the new production facility, where every detail was carefully considered. It is aimed to capture the energy of nature with the plants used in many areas within the facility. In addition, the roof of the production facility has been designed in accordance with the installation of the plant that will generate electricity with solar energy for future construction.

With its new production facility, TIMEX once again underlined its commitment to nature and its trust in technology. Our company has continued to work to leave a more livable world to future generations and has succeeded to set an example to the world with its production facility.