TIMEX Opens New Production Facility Doors to the World

TIMEX Filtration and Water Systems organized an event for 3 days, to introduce new production facilities and products. With 42 participants from many countries including Britain, Germany, Romania, France, Israel and Spain, TIMEX shared their experiences in the sector.

07 June 2019

TIMEX, which has 31 years of experience in the sector, shared its short and long term plans and targets with its customers in its opening event, which took place between 20 May and 22 May, at its new production facility which started production approximately 4 months ago. During the event, during which various presentations and workshops were held, participants had the opportunity to experience the capabilities of the TIMEX production facility.

In this opening ceremony of TIMEX Factory, the design and production capabilities of the company was the most remarkable subject as well as the introduction of the new products. TIMEX, clearly demonstrated to its customers that there is no need for alternative filters thanks to TIMEX’s wide range of products and solutions that can meet every need.

TIMEX’s capability of production of many filters that were not available in suppliers' product range and the production of customized solutions to customer problems were the most influential points. TIMEX, which can produce alternative solutions against specific problems, emphasized the understanding of transparency and trust based trade.

At the final of the event, participants who had the chance to observe all processes from the beginning to the end of the production line,visited Anıtkabir together with the Founder and General Manager of TIMEX, Osman Sandıkçıoğlu.

The ceremony started on May 20 and after 3 days of events, ended on May 22.

Positive feedback from the participants, who were very satisfied with the event, made all the TIMEX family feel proud.